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Sunday 29 April 2012

Shopping with my little sister

My sister H is away at uni most of the time, but this week she broke up with her boyfriend so popped home for some food & fuss. In full on cheering up mode I took her shopping to the local retail park to have a look at the sales and spend the last of our xmas boots vouchers. She wasn't too heartbroken so we had a really nice day and she was ever so good with my useless shopping stamina (pesky illness).
Heres what I picked up.

Barry M Instant Nail Effects 323 Croc £3.99 Hopefully get a review of this up soon! I'm looking forward to having a try and hoping it will give a nicer look than the shattered ones, also I haven't seen this type anywhere before would like to see it in more colours maybe some more subtle ones.

The jewellery sale in Miss Selfridge is always a goldmine for me especially when everything is £1!  Bracelet 

 Necklaces are not online but similar to some I've been looking at on etsy, I would love a real gold version but lets see how much I wear these first!

 One Day Asda £6 I loved the book and really enjoyed the film version too (once I got used to the odd accents) so at £6 I had to pick it up.

 Moisturiser £1.99 I couldn't find the St Ives one in my want post, but I love the smell of mango so here's hoping I'm just as happy with this one, even though I'm not so fussed on the packaging. So far it feels lovely on my skin and the smell is subtle enough not to interfere with my perfume but still yummy when I put it on.

Cariad xxx