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Thursday 10 May 2012

Mood Board #4

A very late mood board (I have had a bad week health wise, but now I'm back and catching up!)
My room in my mums home has some very blank white walls, its a small room with pale bedding and curtains so it needs jazzing up a little here are my ideas!
My favourite is the cross stitch as I want to avoid a wall full of nails and I'm not arty enough for the tree so hopefully I will be having a go!

Tree muralCross StitchPicture FramesPlates

Cariad xx


  1. I love the bottom two pictures... I really want to take a wall in my next flat and cover it with framed pictures, I've loved that look for years!


  2. The frames look amazing don't they! I think I'm gonna start collecting pretty ones now and do it when I buy my own house (I keep loosing money from my deposits due to holey walls already) Send me a link if you do it and blog it, I'd love to see x


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