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Tuesday 15 May 2012

Want List #5

5 Things I am wanting this week!

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1. I love this dress from Miss Selfridge I think it would be so easy to throw on and look instantly summery.
2. The blog world has introduced me to lip butters I love the sound of these as I always have dry lips and matte lipstick really emphasises this so a bit of balm would be lovely! from other bloggers swatches my favourites are macaroon and raspberry pie but I will probably change my mind when i see them in store.
3. I have so many cute vests and t-shirts that would look pretty tucked into this skirt as a quick outfit and a springy change from jeans.
4. My sister has just bought this varnish in the pinky "adrenaline" which I have stolen to take photos of but I think for me the silvery "ice crush" would go with more colours underneath it and look better on its own.
5. I have seen this idea on a few sites and I love it as I'm terrible for taking jewellery off next to my bed and leaving it loose which then means it gets lost, tangled or forgotten. So I would put this on my shelf next to my bed and keep all my trinkets in it. Its cheap too and I think it looks great as well.

Cariad xxx


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