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Friday 13 July 2012


I now have instagram, so I have been having fun playing and snapping away. My username is cariadity of course so give me a follow!

1. My first instagram shot of my room from my bed, I love how a few tweaks and effects can make a photo of my curtains look all cool and arty.

2. This is a bit of a features overload using idarkroom which is an iPhone app but still works pretty well on the iPad, and is of my lovely miniature schnauzer Harry who just loves the camera.

3. The boy is home! I mentioned a few posts back that he has got himself a proper job just outside London which is a good 2 hours from me. The plan is for us to see each other most weekends but he worked last weekend so I've got him home for a full 4 days this week. It's been lovely hearing about his adventures, he is a journalist so this week he has been meeting some well known people, watching a robot birth simulator (ew!) and having a go on a Segway. I can't wait until I'm able to go join him hopefully in the next year.

4. I got my hands on this months Elle magazine for the St Tropez gradual tan in light medium. You get 75ml free with the magazine which costs £3.90 which I think is pretty good value and the sample is definitely enough to give it a good test out. I've never been fussed on expensive monthly mags as I hate all the adverts and most of the products are waaaaay out of my price range but I've actually enjoyed reading this one, probably not enough to give up my beloved company magazine though!

I love instagram posts but what do you guys think?

Cariad xxx


  1. I love instagram posts because I'm super nosy!

    I need to get one of them pretty photo apps but I can't find a free one and can't pay for apps because the account registered to me has been closed and I have no idea how to change it haha!

    Glad the OH's job is going well xx

    1. Lol I love nosing at peoples lives too! Thats so annoying about your apple account, have you tried emailing them?
      Aw thanks he loving it I'm so jealous! x


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