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Friday 27 July 2012

Kate moss lipstick

I have been looking for the perfect rose coloured lipstick and I think I've come pretty close with this lovely Kate Moss lippy I got from the Rimmel stand in my local Superdrug. I was initially put off the range as I don't tend to buy products by celebrities but in this case I totally fell for the colour. The photographs don't really do it justice as they seem a little more blue than in person.

The packaging is a lovely sleek black with the red Kate signature, which I think looks more expensive than the £5.49 spent, it has a matte finish though which means after a few days of it being in my makeup bag its already got foundation all over it.

I chose shade 5 and I have to say all the Kate Moss shades were lovely and they were totally unlike any other colours on the shelf much more my style so I'm sure I will be back for more. The colour is the perfect rose in the tube but a little darker on me so it's not quite what I wanted but I do still love it.

The photograph is slightly bluer and brighter than in reality. The formula is creamy and didn't dry my lips at all, it is well pigmented and for the look I wanted I used only a few dabs of it and blended it out. Considering I used so little of the lipstick I was very impressed with how it lasted I could still see traces of it 4 hours later. It also had a lovely smell which wasn't off putting at all, it reminded me of those dolly mix sweets!

Wow scary big lips but hope you can see the colour!

What do you girls think of Kate Moss lipstick? Are you more or less inclined to buy something with a celebrities name on it? also I'm very quickly running out of my favourite LancĂ´me foundation, so I wanted to know if you guys think I should stick to something I know and like or try out something new?

Cariad xx


  1. I have three of these lipsticks and really like them :)

    I don't really buy make up with celeb names but I really liked the colours in this range :)


    1. The colours are just a little bit different aren't they! So nice x

  2. In all honesty, depending on celebrity, I may just buy a product if the celeb made it. But if said product didn't interest me at all, then I wouldn't buy it, no matter who the celebrity is. Kate Moss is an iconic figure on fashion, and she's known for her staple choice of lipsticks too - so I think these lipsticks were bound to be great!
    I think you should try a new foundation, then you could compare it to your usual foundation and make a brilliant blog post about it :)
    Loving your blog <3

    1. Yeah kate moss is definitely known for her lipstick so it's a great collaboration! I hate when celebs endorse something unrelated to them! I am on the hunt for that new foundation, soo many choices! X

  3. Hey please check out my newest blog post, I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award!

    1. Thank you do much Hun! I will have a look now x


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