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Monday 10 September 2012

Best bargain beauty - MUA Undressed

I hate to admit it but I have always been a little bit of a makeup snob sticking to the same high end products and ignoring everything else, but reading blogs has opened my eyes to a few bargain beauty products that really deserve their hype!

My first is the MUA undressed palette at only £4 this is one of my most used products. The similaritys between this and the naked palette are undeniable so I only bought this to see if I would use these colours before splurging out on the naked palette but now I see no point in that as I'm so happy with undressed.

The packaging is plain and simple and I like that you can see inside, the pans are quite small but you certainly get your moneys worth!
There is a mix of matte and shimmer colours, I prefer the shimmer myself which is good as there are more of those and all the colours blend really nicely with each other.

I'm so impressed with the mua palatte and I am already picking out my next one although most of my favourite colours are included in this one anyway!

What is your favourite MUA palatte? I'm definitely converted to bargain makeup these days so there will be more to come, what else should I try?


Cariad xx



  1. i own 4 mua palettes but not this one, it's gorgeous!! definitely want :D

    1. Wow this is my only one, but I have a few on my want list! X

  2. I have the Heaven and Earth MUA palette as it is mainly browns and that is what I use mostly. BUT I am ordering the undressed palette today I think as they are having a 50% off sale, and free shipping! How can a girl resist? Well I can't so think I may well buy a lot of stuff. I used to be a make up snob too, but like you I have found so many cheaper brands as good, and often better than high end brands, mainly word of mouth in the blogging community too.
    Angela xx

    BTW I have only been blogging for two weeks so would love some feedback/comments/even a follow on my blog if you get time <3

  3. PS I'm your newest follower x


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