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Sunday 28 October 2012

What I've been up to ...

Another busy week, I can tell the good weeks just from these posts!

I have been loving my Schnauzer pyjamas! | Beautiful Mollie Makes (so many ideas) | Trying out the bridesmaids dresses (with a newly engaged friend) | Poppy cat came up for cuddles

I had a brilliant night Saturday with so many lovely bloggers all enjoying food, drinks and fashion in Cardiff. We met at Jamie's Italian and there were absolutely loads of us, I was really surprised at how many bloggers there are around me and there were some faces that I recognised from their blogs but I didn't expect to be a Welshie!

The fashion show outside was excellent! I've never really seen one before (this was Cardiff's first fashion week) and the models were dancing and strutting around like nobody's business, clearly not caring that it was absolutely freezing. The outfits on show were lovely too, especially river island! Oh and I really liked the compare as well he was very cool trying to get us all involved.

A few of us went to Nandos after as well but I was too busy munching and chatting to take any photos which is a pity, but it was a lot easier to talk in the smaller group, most of us hadn't met before so it was amazing how easily the conversation flowed. I feel really privileged to be part of such a lovely blogging community, to attend amazing events like this and to have met such lovely girls! (Aw I've gone all soppy on you)

Lots of the girls have also written posts about the event so I thought I'd link them all here for you to have a look and maybe find a few new to follow!

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Have you guys been to your local fashion week? I'm definitely going again next year, I might even try to make it to bristols as well! Ps I've got so many good things to post over the next few weeks so keep a lookout, I'm aiming to get a few up this week.


Cariad xx



  1. Pants model!!
    Gutted I couldn't stay and hang out ater but had to dash off to the party I was hsoting. Hopefully we can all do something again soon xx

    1. Yup had to put him in there! Aw yes we should definitely meet up again soon, hope your party was good x

  2. You girls are all making me so jealous! I will see you all again soon :)

    Love the bridesmaid dress you're holding there. So pretty. x

    1. Aw yeah we shall definitely arrange something after your busy month! I love the dress, hope I get to wear it! X

  3. Lovely to meet you! i had such a good time and hopefully next time Mia will be able to join us too! :)

    1. And yoou! Would be lovely to do something before Xmas. X

  4. This looks like so much fun! xx

  5. Ooo jealous I really want to go to a bloggers meet, they look like great fun!! x

    1. It was a really nice night you should look out on twitter for ones local to you! X


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