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Who am I?

Im 22 and from the pretty green valleys of South Wales
I'm taking a short break from my career plans to get healthy (I've been randomly fainting for a few months)
I should be two thirds of the way through a mathematics PGCE but I'll be heading back to that in September hopefully. In the mean time I'm occupying myself with box-sets, blogs and baking (badly!) Im trying to see this as a chance to indulge in all the things I don't have time for in my usual life, to learn new skills and to hone my personal style rather than mope about feeling sorry for myself.

What is this blog about?

I have been so inspired by the amazing blogs I have been reading to keep myself entertained. I have tried a ton of new things and have so many more in my head to have a go at I thought maybe someone might like to see a few of my attempts! So far I have decided that I love cross-stitch and hate knitting, that dried black beans are not a good substitute for tinned black beans!

Why don't I show my face properly?

This is my biggest blogging problem, I'd love to show my face for make up and fashion photos, I know how much easier it is to connect and relate to a blogger when you can see their face especially the eyes but as I am supposed to be training as a teacher it is a huge no-no! I have heard so many horror stories (teenagers are very good with Photoshop and I don't want my face ending up somewhere it shouldn't!) so I will be remaining anonymous!

Where did Cariadity come from?

I'd love to tell you that its from my name but its not, I have gone to pretty extreme lengths to separate this blog from my teaching career but honestly kids are so clever these days (I'm totally scared of them!) but it was a bit fun getting to choose myself a new name and Cariad is one of my favourite welsh words it means love, darling, lovely, it sounds so pretty too!
Cariadity is totally made up but I think it sounds like a real word and looks rather nice written down too.

Who made my blog layout/ header?

I did! I actually stitched the word Cariadity onto a piece of paper and scanned it in, I love the way my blog looks and It's been really interesting learning how to do it all (google is my best friend when it comes to html!).

I think thats enough about me but if there is anything else you'd like to know get in touch!
I'm really friendly and would love to hear from you so send me an email or on twitter @cariadity (it would make my day!)

Cariad xx

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