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Saturday 30 June 2012

Dainty Roses!

A few weeks ago I ordered some jewellery from the lovely lisa of Dainty Roses I spotted her on twitter because she has such a pretty web and twitter design (I'm a sucker for a pretty website!)

Lisa was so lovely on twitter and the jewellery is lush and really cheap too!

Pretty Packaging! (It all arrived really quickly too)

I love this dainty little bracelet so cute!

Lisa even popped this pretty cross bracelet in as an extra gift *Thank you*

 This ring was the main reason I ordered I have seen similar on lots of blogs and they look great but I really loved the size of this one. I have teeny little hands so most rings are way too big for me, they look like a child in her mothers jewellery (will need to be very careful when I get engaged or something!) but this one looks perfect on me. 

See what I mean!

Probably wont wear them all together but just to show you. Look at those teeny hands!

Hope you like my choices, I'm really pleased with my goodies plus I love it when I get good service!

Cariad xx

PS. I have not been asked to review this order or mention it at all, I just wanted to!

Wednesday 27 June 2012

New favourites!

These are my newest purchases and I'm looving them all so far!

 I bought Permanent Taupe and Immortal Charcoal as these are the shades I thought were most wearable (my mam bought the gold and I've since acquired hers too *love it!* ) I've been wearing a light layer of the taupe most days and then adding some charcoal on top for a more glam look as well.

 *Mam didn't want to wait until after the photos to poke her fingers in!*

Since I've been unwell I haven't been putting on a full face of make up most days but I still want to look normal and tone down some of the redness on my cheeks so this bb cream has been really good. I just swipe some on with my fingers concentrating on my cheeks and under my eyes. It looks just how I'd like my skin to look naturally and I like that it doesn't feel heavy and cakey.

This is the light, I'm deathly pale but its still perfect for me probably because its so sheer.

This is Macaroon which I had already picked out from other blog swatches this is the first time I've done this and it was really helpful as I often have colour regrets, nothing ever looks the same in the real world as it does in boots! I love it and have been choosing it everyday over my usual Clinique favourite, its part of my new lazy routine where everything goes on easily and makes me look less sicky!

I'm building up to lipstick on photos!

Cariad xx

Ps I've been a little quiet recently as my lovely boyfriend has a new job as a Journalist in London  (soooo pleased for him as he has worked so hard!) so we spent the last week going on little trips and out for meals before he left on Saturday *sad times*. Luckily I had the lovely Leanne and Gemma to distract me on Sunday, they are both great girls and we will definitely be planning another South Wales bloggers meet ASAP!

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Mood Board #8 Makeup Storage

I'm looking for some storage ideas for my expanding cosmetic collection, at the moment a lot of it has remained unpacked from my last move. The rest is scattered throughout the house (bathroom cupboards, desks, random boxes/baskets and a lot ends up in my sisters cosmetic bag*)
This is my pick of the best solutions the beauty bloggers have come up with!

I can't for the life of me find the blog that I spotted using a jewellery organiser bag for cosmetics, but it looked like a great idea and you can get them really cheaply in Primark. Plus they don't take up any floor space which is a huge bonus for me as my room in teeny!

Eeeeverybody already knows about the HELMER but here are some pics showing how one lovely blogger has put the ikea marvel to use Lipglossiping.

For a smaller cosmetic collection WHSmiths have some really pretty multi drawer units my favourite is the Summer Rose Multi Drawer
Bubblegarm has some really lovely photos that show just how much you can fit in these boxes.

The final solution that is probably my favourite of all is the Muji acrylic range, which is on the pricey side but really adaptable for an expanding cosmetics haul. How amazing is this collection by  LucyWrites..

Cant wait to get mine all sorted out now!

Cariad xx

*a lot of my make up disappears when my sister goes back to uni!

Saturday 9 June 2012

Getting Crafty

So I have started a bit of a project which I'm really excited to show you all!
I've been testing out some card making techniques and I found one that I'm really pleased with so at the moment I'm getting lots of practise making a years supply of birthday and Christmas cards for my family and friends hopefully this will save me some money and help me work out what works and what doesn't, I can also gauge a bit of reaction to them (I have some pretty honest friends!)
When I have finished making a supply I shall post some pictures for your opinions and then maybe think about selling a few (possibly online or at least to friends and family) as I have all this free time at the moment I might as well do something with it.

A sneak preview of my card making essentials you cant tell much from this as they will be very personalised, I wont just be sticking on the stickers (as long as I get them done in time or everyone is getting butterfly cards last minute).

While I was shopping for supplies I also spotted a cross stitch sale bin (I love cross stitch and sales win-win) here are the bargains I picked up!

The bottom 3 were 99p each and the ones on the sides even come with little plastic frames! and the doggy in the middle was £4.99 but its almost A4 size and I'm a bit of a crazy dog lady so I couldn't resist.

Looks like I shall be kept very busy and hopefully I will have some things to show you soon!
Does anyone else enjoy cross stitch? What would you be looking for in a handmade card?

Cariad xxx

Wednesday 6 June 2012

My time saver tip

Since Ive been ill cooking has been pretty difficult (the heat and the standing still makes me topple!)  
So my plan is to try and make things easier for myself with some preparation, so here I have used some bags of ready chopped and frozen peppers and onions to make portion sized mini bags that I can easily use for fajitas, pasta dishes, and for the chicken and chorizo bake I will make next.

Easy peasy steps - Put it all in a bowl!

Mix it all up

Portion it out (I've used a carton from a takeaway! perfect for 2 people I think)

Put the portion into a freezer bag

Mine made 4 portions (I kept one out to use in a recipe)

Make sure you label with the portion size, the date and contents

When you think if the time spent washing and chopping the veg, plus if your like me and buy fresh veg then forget to use it in time or buy frozen and don't seal it properly (I lost a whole bag of frozen sweetcorn in my freezer and I still find some of it loose) this could really save you some time, money and effort!

Cariad xx

Monday 4 June 2012

Moodboard #7

How yummy do some of these recipes look!
I am definitely going to try the chicken and chorizo bake later, and all of them as soon as possible. 
I love yummy food and food photography so I really enjoyed making this moodboard, I just hope mine turn out as nicely as these! 
These are some of my favourite blogs too.

Cariad xx

Friday 1 June 2012

New favourite thing!

A few weeks ago I posted that I wanted a ceramic egg tray after seeing them pop up on a few other blogs as a great way to store trinkets. So I finally got one from The Range (I should not be allowed in that shop unaccompanied, I'm such a magpie!) 

 Look how pretty it is with things in!

My mum and sister thought I was crazy hunting down an egg try, but they are both converted and now want them as well!

Its been quiet here for the last few days because I've been feeling really well so I have been making the most of getting out and about, oh and I've been enjoying the sun too!

Cariad xx