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Wednesday 27 June 2012

New favourites!

These are my newest purchases and I'm looving them all so far!

 I bought Permanent Taupe and Immortal Charcoal as these are the shades I thought were most wearable (my mam bought the gold and I've since acquired hers too *love it!* ) I've been wearing a light layer of the taupe most days and then adding some charcoal on top for a more glam look as well.

 *Mam didn't want to wait until after the photos to poke her fingers in!*

Since I've been unwell I haven't been putting on a full face of make up most days but I still want to look normal and tone down some of the redness on my cheeks so this bb cream has been really good. I just swipe some on with my fingers concentrating on my cheeks and under my eyes. It looks just how I'd like my skin to look naturally and I like that it doesn't feel heavy and cakey.

This is the light, I'm deathly pale but its still perfect for me probably because its so sheer.

This is Macaroon which I had already picked out from other blog swatches this is the first time I've done this and it was really helpful as I often have colour regrets, nothing ever looks the same in the real world as it does in boots! I love it and have been choosing it everyday over my usual Clinique favourite, its part of my new lazy routine where everything goes on easily and makes me look less sicky!

I'm building up to lipstick on photos!

Cariad xx

Ps I've been a little quiet recently as my lovely boyfriend has a new job as a Journalist in London  (soooo pleased for him as he has worked so hard!) so we spent the last week going on little trips and out for meals before he left on Saturday *sad times*. Luckily I had the lovely Leanne and Gemma to distract me on Sunday, they are both great girls and we will definitely be planning another South Wales bloggers meet ASAP!


  1. hey! thanks for following me on twitter :) im following you on there and here now :) great blog btw!

    i've been a bit skeptical about the bb cream! lots of mixed reviews, really wanted to buy it but my friend put me off

    i've not got much on my blog yet but i'd really appreciate it if you could give it a read once i've got more posts up! new to the whole blogging thing :)

    keep in touchh, Jess x

    1. Heya, Thank you hun (newbie bloggers need to stick together!)
      I'm not sure if bb cream is a wonder product but its been perfect for what I wanted.
      I have favourite'd your blog and looking forward to more posts!

  2. That bb cream from Maybelline looks really good. I love the one from Garnier and i don't think this one as been released in Australia yet which is a shame. xx
    Great blog :)

    1. I really like it, hopefully it will come to you soon! Thank you :) xxx

  3. Love the colours you chose, I really want one of those revlon liipys - its on my list!

    1. Thank you! I cant stop wearing it all, just so easy to pop on and look decent. I would definitely recommend the lippy feels so nice xx

  4. I loved meeting you on Sunday, it was a lovely few hours :)

    I haven't tried any of these products yet, not even the Revlon lippies! *bad blogger* xx

  5. Bad blogger indeed! My revlon lipstick is lush though so I'm glad I gave in to the hype! X

  6. I bought that lip butter colour the other week, as Boot's were having a £2 off offer and I couldnt resist! So, i chose Macaroon, mainly beacuase many of the other colours had already gone, but I am so pleased with the choice, the subtle gold glitter and everything make it one of my favourite lipstick's!
    I really ought to buy both of those Maybelline colour tatoo shades, the Boot's near me is very limited and only had the gold, blue, and the on and on bronze, which is the shade I bought and I love it! I wear it everyday under my other eyemakeup. I love the look of immortal charcoal as it looks like it has green undertones? and I have green eyes, so it would be perfect!and then Permenant Taupe, because I wear a brown smokey eye on a daily basis!! :) Oh, and I really want ot try that BB cream!!!
    I have to stop typing now! This has been a crazily long comment!

    1. wow I love a long comment! I got mine on the £2 off offer too, macaroon is lovely I hunted especially for it. I think the charcoal would be great on green eyes it has lots of nice greeny goldy colours through it. See if you can get the bb cream and eyeshadows on offer, I got it on 3 for 2 xx


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