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Saturday 11 August 2012

Birthday Post (Part 1)

My 22nd birthday was on Tuesday 31st! (I know I'm so late posting this it's hardly worth it!) but I really wanted to show you what I got up to.
The weekend before my birthday I took a trip to visit my boyfriend Phil in his new home which is only a short train ride from Westfield shopping centre *some perks after all!*
Since my boyfriend is a little bit clueless when it comes to gift buying (he does try but I'm just so fussy) we usually agree to go on a shopping trip, since that is probably my favourite bit anyway and it's nice to be spoiled for a day.

On the actual day of my birthday I was lucky that Phil was off work (very lucky as he only managed to book it the Friday before) and we had a chilled morning of opening my pressies which were mostly the items I had picked out in and a few nice surprises too. Then we traveled to my mums house and I opened more cards and a few little gifts off family as my iPad was the main pressie off my family. I even got some unexpected birthday money so we headed straight to Cardiff to spend it!

I will post the bits and bobs I bought in Cardiff in a few days as I bought some really nice make up that I have been lusting over for ages!

In the evening all the family came over for an Indian takeaway, my absolute favourite food I could eat chicken makhani everyday!

My little sister is a keen baker so I convinced her to make me a Victoria sponge which I think she did beautifully, I don't like icing or butter cream so she used fresh cream in my special cake and it was lovely, also it was a great excuse to eat it all in one evening! (I even convinced her to model the cake for me)

I love my cake and the glittery 22 and star shaped sparklers made it really special!

These are my little surprise pressies, the Cath Kidston items are a notecard set which is really pretty and I love the idea of writing nice little notes to people especially now most of my friends live around the country after uni, then there is a set of 3 mini notebooks which are the perfect handbag size and I'm a prolific list writer so I see them being so useful and finally a paper writing set, I think Phil got a bit carried away with the Cath K stationary but now I have no excuses, so I better send some letters out!

Underneath is another notepad of my mum which is from a really pretty range including pencil cases and even bags, I have already adopted this as my new blog book and the first few pages are already full of exciting ideas! The items in the bottom right corner are all bits my sister brought back from her trip around Thailand and Indonesia which I may include in their own post in a few days.

I received this lovely bracelet which I think is amethyst from my boyfriends mum along with some birthday money too, I've not heard of the range before but it's lovely and I see myself wearing this a lot.

The earrings were my main present off my boyfriend as I asked for some white gold studs that I can wear everyday but I didn't say what style or shape and this is what he picked, I think they are lovely and I havent taken them off yet!

I will be posting a Part 2 post later today providing I actually get it written!
Cariad xx


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog lovely!
    Pretty photos, I hope you had a fantastic bday! xx

    Katharine from


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