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Sunday 3 March 2013

What I've been up to ...

| Made friends with a horse on my walk home from work | My beautiful Valentines flowers were still going strong at the start of the week! Amazing | now replaced with some lovely Daffodils that bloomed just in time for St David's Day (1st of March) | Yummy toffee cooler from Costa, I don't even care that its cold! |
I've had a pretty low key week really, I've been feeling a bit rubbish so just taking it easy and relaxing to make sure Ive been well enough for work (luckily I did manage everyday) when I got in from school I mostly got straight back into bed to watch charmed on Netflix, on my tv as I discovered I can get it through my wii, amazing!

I did also fit in some crochet, I gave up on the first rather wiggly bit with lots of dropping stitches and picking on extras from somewhere, and started a new piece with a double stitch (I think) It's about a third of the size I'm aiming for then I'm going to try and make 3 more the same size to form a nice size blanket that I can save until someone has a baby!

Then yesterday Phil and I headed out to pick up this shoe cabinet I bought off eBay, since we are renting a furnished flat we have only needed a few bits and bobs furniture wise, so we didn't want to go out spending a fortune on these odd bits that may not fit or be needed or look right in our next house. eBay to the rescue so far we have a wardrobe for £20 an enormous and solid wood tv unit for £11 and this nice and modern looking shoe cabinet for £6! It makes our little hall look so much better and stops me tripping over Phils slippers every morning (he will kill me for mentioning those, but boy does he love his slippers). As much as I love ikea and low cost flat pack furniture I am definitely enjoying the thrill of an eBay bargain a little bit more!
When I have a nice big house to furnish top to bottom I would really like to buy everything from there, second hand, vintage, solid wood and cheap. Then I'd paint it all to match in either a chalky white or dove grey and replace handles and knobs to bring it up to date. Sort of shabby chic but more of the chic and less of the shabby as I'm not fond of the distressed look which seems to be all over eBay right now.
Have you had a nice week? What did you get up to?
Cariad xx

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