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Tuesday 12 March 2013

Where is the sun?

A short lived sunny day
Its so cold, I'm really ill and I've had an issue with my bus home 3 times in the last fortnight so I'm not having the best of times at the moment.
So I figure this is the perfect time for a few positives
1. Easter holidays in just over 2 weeks, I've got 2 weeks off and phil has 9 days off too so we have lots of lovely plans to do things and some even better plans to do nothing, I'm counting down the days!
2. Home this weekend, looking forward to seeing my doggie mainly!
3. New girl is coming soon, even Phil loves this show.
4. Phil and I will have been together 4 years soon, we are planning to go to London for the day as we haven't been there together yet.
5. I cooked our favourite chicken and chorizo with rice for tea and we have left overs for tomorrow too.
6. I bought a beautiful tea set! It's being delivered this week (Easter tea party at my house!)
7. I also bought some lovely black boots from Dorothy Perkins, I'm currently wearing the same pair of tan boots all the time so this was a long overdue purchase.
8. I'm so close to paying off my credit card, one payment left then I start on the overdraft ...
9. I've just had a really positive review at work, so I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.
10. I washed all the bedding today & clean sheets always make me feel better.
It's so easy to forget the little things that make you happy and only concentrate on the things that bring you down, I could do with writing a list like this every week!
What's making you happy right now?
Cariad xxx


  1. You've just perked me right up by letting me knew that new girl will be back on soon! Amazing. Great post, reading a little positivity like this is enough to give anyone a boost :)
    Kaz x

  2. Good to hear things are going well despite the crappy buses! Xx

  3. I love happy things! Especially chicken and chorizo with rice, nom nom

    ellie | xx

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