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Sunday 22 April 2012

Scheduled posts

So it seems I haven't figured out the scheduled post as this was meant to reach you on Thursday!

Why am I blogging? 
I have seen lots of these posts on blogs and I find it really interesting to see why all the lovely bloggers I have been reading about spend so much of their time and effort creating these fab blogs.
My reason isn't a great one sorry, its because I'm unwell. It started in October, I woke up feeling absolutely normal until I reached down to unplug my laptop and I sort of collapsed. After that I have continued collapsing almost daily and have accumulated other symptoms like constant tiredness and feeling very weak.
I have suspended my PGCE and moved home to be looked after properly.
This all sounds like doom and gloom but it has meant a chance to relax, spend more time with my family & my dog and because of it I have found a ton of great blogs and bloggers. Got to make the most of things I guess.
Unless I get a miracle cure and have good news then this should be the last post about rubbish things like being ill!

Cariad xx