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Tuesday 15 January 2013

Foundation mission - YSL Le teint touché éclat

After my rigorous testing mission (see post foundation testing mission!) it was clear that I had found the perfect foundation for my needs with this gorgeous YSL one.
I'm shade BR20 which is the second lightest shade in beige rose (pinkish) , there's also beige dore (yellowish) and beige (somewhere in between) in total an amazing 22 colours so there's bound to be a perfect match for everyone.

I love the gorgeous packaging, the glass bottle feels expensive and the pump dispenses the perfect amount for my whole face while keeping the bottle nice and clean.
I have pretty dry skin so finding a foundation that doesn't cake or sit in the dry patches has always been a real problem, my skin can also look quite dull and flat so I have a pretty complicated list of needs!
This foundation is the only one that ticks all my boxes, its moisturising and looks great even when my skin is dry and spotty, I feel like my skin has actually benefitted from using this too.
This is also one of the only foundations that actually lasts on me, I've literally never seen a difference after taking my make up off like I do when I take this off (obviously eye makeup and lipstick comes off but my foundation is usually gone a few hours before cleansing!)
It's a really light formula but I wouldn't say light coverage as the impressive science behind this seems to blur and counteract all my blemishes without masking my skin. I honestly wish I understood it better to explain as its really different to any other foundation.

My redness is covered and I rarely use concealer with this too, as I'm writing this I'm actually raving about the foundation to a friend too!

Two more good points - it photographs really well, it has SPF of 18 which is apparently enough to keep your skin safe but not too much to get that ghostly look in pictures (yes it does get paler than these photos)!

And a little goes a long way, one pump is perfect for my whole face (I apply with my real techniques foundation brush, then buff in with the buffing brush - airbrushed look!) so even though the foundation is pricey it's gonna last me an absolute age.
Ok I'm done raving now but honestly this is the best product that blogging has lead me too.

Have you tried this? What's your "holy grail" foundation?

Cariad xx

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  1. It's my absolute favourite foundation. I have to have a bottle or I feel deprived but I try not to use it daily and alternate with Rimmel's Wake Me Up or I find the bottle only lasts a little more than a month.

    Laura xo


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