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Tuesday 22 January 2013

Rimmel Kate moss lipsticks 19 & 107

I have been looking for the perfect burgundy lipstick for ages after seeing the colour everywhere this winter, so as soon as I saw this gorgeous Kate moss 107 lipstick it just had to be mine! I also really liked 19 and they were on offer (3for2) so naturally I bought it too along with a Rimmel 1000 kisses lip tint which I will be reviewing soon.
The lipsticks are pretty much my perfect day and night combo, the rosy nude of 19 (ah I wish it had a name) is a lovely my lips but better glossy colour that is really easy to throw on and wear all day. It's an essential colour for that done but not over the top look.
The lipstick smells gorgeous, like watermelon, and applies really smoothly feeling light and creamy on your lips. I'm pleased with the lasting power too as I don't take makeup in my bag usually so coming home with a bit of lippy on still was a surprise (I work around 6 hours including bus journeys).
107 is the perfect night time lipstick for me, I did attempt wearing it during the day but it was too much for me and my mum actually said she couldn't concentrate as she was too distracted by my lips! I am very very pale though so the contrast is quite extreme. In the evening however when I can amp up the rest of my makeup to match it looks amazing.
Again this lipstick smells lovely, applies really well and lasts for a long time (more so as it has a slight stain after) the texture is a little different to 19 as the ones in the red casing are meant to be matte, although I wouldn't say its totally matte as there is a slight sheen which I prefer to be honest. It's also really popular after picking it up I noticed a flurry of other bloggers reviewing it too.
I think I look like two different people in these photos, they are taken about a month apart and in totally different lights so maybe that's why.
Overall I really like these lovely lipsticks and will be keeping an eye out for any new releases in the range!
Have you tried these lipsticks? What colour is your favourite from the Kate moss range?
Cariad xxx


  1. rimmel 107 looks lovely on you, brave for day but like you said perfect for night! xx

  2. 107 is stunning! i totally think it's wearable for day time :)

  3. These look lovely, you really do look like two different people! I may try and pick some of these up at the weekend. x

  4. very sweet and classy lip colours - love.
    would you like to follow each other?

  5. Omg I loooooveee these lipsticks! I have the 107 one and wear it constantly, It looks great on you x


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