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Friday 18 January 2013

Snow day!

My Snowy Garden
So I've been sent home from school because of the snow, I feel like I'm 13 again! I plan on snuggling on the sofa, watching the inbetweeners and eating biscuits/Pringles - lush. I might try to catch up with some blogging too as I've been so exhausted after work I've been a bit neglectful. In fact these plans might just stretch out all weekend!
Enjoy the snow guys, Keep safe!
Cariad xxx


  1. I was lucky enough to be sent home early from work - driving in the snow wasn't fun at all! I've painted my nails and I'm now catching up on blogs :) xx

    Sarah @ xx

  2. I avoided driving luckily, the roads looked awful! It's nice to have a cosy day chilling at home though.


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