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Sunday 3 February 2013

A busy weekend!

So somehow this weekend I've managed to go to 2 blog meet ups but very cleverly I managed to take no photos what so ever!

Make up on Saturday

We met for brunch in Bills which was lovely, I had scrambled eggs and bacon on toast if your wondering, then had a nosey around the shops after. Quite the blogger cliché shopping trip boots, space.nk &, muji (we don't have these in Wales so that was exciting!) but I was soo well behaved and didn't buy anything!

There was quite a few of us too which was lovely, although we did struggle to keep together around the shops, here are some of the lovely ladies links Rosie, Tabitha, Samantha, Emma, Catherine, Gem, Ellie, Ceri & Sharmeen

Second meet up of the weekend wasn't an organised one as such but Sarah and I have been planning to meet up for a while as she lives nearby and we first met at the Bristol blog meet a few weeks ago. We were chatting about it on twitter when Leanne jumped on board too, we have met up a few times in Cardiff but it was soo nice of her to travel all the way here from Wales for today and good old Spencer for doing the driving, what a nice hubby!

We had a good look around the shops in Reading, all of us have left with pink sparkly hands from all the swatching! My spending wasn't as good today as yesterday though I bought a mac eyeshadow in wood winked for my palette and a dress and tights in primark (both suitable for school though) and we had lunch in las Iguanas, including starters and buy one get one free cocktails! (okay i had a mocktail but these were bogof too so worked out cheaper than a coke!) the food was sooo good I've really eaten well this weekend!

Mocktail | enchiladas | Leanne meeting one direction! | MAC palette

Oh and Leanne had a photo with one direction! Primark in Reading are selling cardboard cut outs for £20! Honestly the best thing we saw all day I'm devastated I didn't buy one hehe.

Hope you like reading about my busy weekend. Clearly meet ups are my new thing (along with brunching!) so invite me if you know of any!
Cariad xx

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