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Monday 4 February 2013

Living Room Tour

I've mentioned quite a few times that I've moved house recently, my boyfriend and I are living together finally, after 4 years together and some of that long distance, which is incredibly exciting and really couldn't have come sooner.

What's even more exciting however is finally having our own space to decorate and make ours, well more exciting for me not so much him, until now I've lived with family and in student houses (grotty, miserable, cheap student houses) so I'm in bargain home wares heaven!

I love my brick wall! The canvas was a real bargain only £10 from BM bargains, if you have one of these near you definitely check it out for homey things I have found some real gems! As we are renting the sofas and most of the furniture was already here, luckily they are quite neutral so a few throws (Poundstretcher!) and cushions (cream with hearts from BM bargains, red ones were dug out from Grans stash & the love cushion is from bhs in the sale) make them fit in with my reddish theme really well.

My giant tv is ancient, it belonged to my Great Gran but is still perfectly good and works brilliantly so until we are a bit more flush it will certainly do! The cupboard it's on was also a real bargain as we got this for £10 from an eBay seller 10 minutes drive away so we just picked it up in the car, its solid wood and in really good condition and the drawers are really useful for all the random cables and batteries I seem to acquire! One day I might paint it cream but for now I'm really liking the cosy wood.

This is my big blank wall, we aren't allowed to drill lots of holes in the walls so I'm a little bit stuck deciding how to inject a bit of colour/interest into this side. 
Let me know if you have any suggestions!

This one is the garden view from the window, as we have the ground floor flat the whole of this is ours! We weren't really looking for any garden space on our house hunt (because our budget was pretty low) so this was rather an unexpected benefit of this place. You can't see a great deal of it but its huge and grassy with a beautiful tree in the middle and I'm really looking forward to getting out there in the summer (after clearing the mossy path) for barbecues and relaxing.
I've definitely missed an outside space when I've lived in houses without some so it's great!
Hope you like having a little glimpse into my living room; any suggestions for decorating walls in a rented house?
Hopefully I'll get some nice pictures of our bedroom (once I've cleaned up) and can show you my amazing dressing table next!
Cariad xx


  1. So lovely and cute, I love the exposed brick! I feel your long distance pain, I am still in the midst of it but it's exciting to look to the future xx

  2. It is looking really lovely now, you're lucky with that garden!

    Have you thought of maybe getting a wall decal? They do loads on eBay and they are supposedly easy to remove. I've two but haven't tried removing them so can't confirm that. x

  3. aaaw happy to see you're all settled in :)


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