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Sunday 10 February 2013

My pride and joy - make up storage

The absolute first thing I bought when we moved was this lovely desk (£10 from ikea! ) I haven't had a home for my makeup for a while and the idea of a dedicated place to sit and put it on literally made me squeal with excitement!
The mirror was a Christmas present from my mam (also a bargain £20 from Asda) and is the perfect size, so no more straining to fit my whole face into a small compact mirror yay. I already had the little Perspex drawer unit, it was a jewellery box from marks and spencer about 6 years ago, I'm always ahead of the curve me! It now holds all my flat items like blushers and eye shadow palettes and my gorgeous daisy by marc Jacobs and secret wish by Anna Sui on top, these are two of my favourite perfumes ever but I do have a few more that haven't been unpacked yet so ill have to remember to rotate the best ones.
I love my little cotton wool jar I bought it from Matalan for £2 it had lots of mint humbugs inside which Phil is now enjoying and the label peeled off really easily, practical and pretty what more do you want eh!
Finally my actual pride and joy, the amazing cupcake stand from dotcomgiftshop (£8 in the sale from £26!) On the top I have a glass saved from an old Yankee candle now storing all my lip products, the middle is all my skincare products and the bottom has the rest of my make up and brushes some of the smaller bits are in cheap glasses to avoid falling through the gaps in the metal. I haven't got a huge collection although I do have a huge wishlist so as it grows I will probably end up moving the skincare elsewhere and taking over that shelf too!
Hope you like my lovely dressing table (I'm not sure that anyone cares as much as I do about things like this but maybe you do!)
Cariad xx


  1. I love your make up storage! That cupcake stand is so cute, I think I need one of those :) xxx

  2. I have the same cake stand and use it for storing my nail varnishes! I love Matalan for nice jars and really must go there again. Last time I went I picked up a plain glass one for holding Lush bath bombs, but your one is lovely and I've decided I need it! x

  3. I love the cupcake stand its such a clever idea xx

  4. I love your idea of storing your makeup on the cake stand! It's beautiful and looks really inventive and unique :) I'll also definitely be hunting down a couple of those sweet jars in Matalan!
    Eleanor x

  5. The cupcake stand is brilliant! I need something like that, my make up is all in mugs on my dressing table! xx

  6. How clever are you using that cupcake stand like that?? Never would have thought of it myself! xxx

  7. I love the idea of using a cupcake stand to store bits and pieces!

    Brownie x
    Soul Sparkler

  8. That is such a fab idea! And it looks gorgeous too xxx

  9. Oooh what a lovely makeup table - so neat and tidy, nothing like mine :)
    Loving your blog from a fellow Wales bloggers (was hoping to come to Bills meetup but couldn't make it)
    Now following on GFC

    Laura x

  10. Love that cake/make up stand such a cute idea!

    Love your blog, just followed on GTC xx


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